Clash: Marketing vs Sales

When it comes to generating revenue in a company, the question of which department is responsible, marketing or sales, often arises. The technical answer is sales. However, the truth is that both departments play a vital role in driving revenue and ensuring the long-term success of the company.


Marketing is responsible for creating brand awareness and demand for the company’s products or services. Through effective branding, advertising, and lead generation strategies, marketing sets the stage for sales success. Sales, on the other hand, is responsible for closing deals and generating revenue. By developing strong relationships with customers and providing exceptional customer service, sales can increase customer loyalty and drive repeat business.


For a company to succeed, marketing and sales must work together closely. Marketing must provide quality leads to sales, while sales must communicate customer feedback to marketing to ensure that the company’s products and services continue to meet customer needs. When both departments collaborate effectively, they can maximize their impact and ensure long-term success for the company.

In conclusion, both marketing and sales share the responsibility of driving revenue. While marketing creates the foundation for sales success, sales closes the deals and generates the revenue. However, the two departments must work together and communicate effectively to achieve revenue goals and ensure the company’s growth.


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