Lessons Learned: Creating & Analyzing YouTube Ads

Creating a 1 minute YouTube ad can be daunting for a first-timer, but with the right mindset and approach, it can also be a fun and rewarding experience. My ad was about the elemental formats within music, and I wanted it to be simple, expressive, and attention-grabbing.

The Process

Recording my voiceover was a challenge initially, but it quickly became natural and enjoyable. I initially considered having closed captions with actual words but instead opted for expressive emojis that sprang up on the screen in sync with my voiceover. This creative approach helped capture viewers’ attention and made the ad stand out.

To complete the ad, I added catchy yet soothing background music. The final product was a short and informative clip that was easy to digest.

This experience taught me to embrace imperfection and adapt when things didn’t go as planned. I hope this insight inspires others to enjoy the creative process and not get bogged down by perfectionism.


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