Marketing Research for Wine Lovers

I’ve often had people tell me they would like to own their own business. Ironically, some of those people have not even created a business plan. Of the individuals that DO have a business plan, more times than not, never create a marketing plan

Marketing plans are vital for businesses to succeed because they set the foundation for how to target a specific market or audience. To target said audience, we must conduct market research. 

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA) market research refers to the gathering of consumer data and insights, such as their preferences or needs. Once identified, market research plays a crucial role is supplying marketers with the audience and consumer information necessary for building successful campaigns.

In the world of wine and spirits, most people believe only “old” people drink wine. That cannot be further from the truth. 

The world of wine is a wonderland for anyone willing to explore it. 

Market research has become so imminent in the wine and spirits world within the past decade due to technological advances such as social media. 

This has encouraged anyone willing to produce, sell, or import wine to have some knowledge of marketing research.

At a small company such as my store everyone carries out some sort of marketing research duties. We use the internet, engage with customers and locals, and even check rival stores in the area.

One major marketing research duty is collecting demographics data such as age, location or gender. This allows us to better cater our clientele to the specific brand of wine or liquor. Older consumer might enjoy red wine while younger consumers might like white wine or even tequila!

All in all, conducting market research allows us to better target our audience and connect with them. 


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