My First Time Running a Google Video Ad

As a novice to video advertising, I was excited to explore the world of Google Ads. However, I soon realized that the process can seem daunting and confusing, with decisions to be made about the type of campaign, where to run it, and managing expectations for ad performance. Despite these initial hurdles, I was able to successfully launch my campaign.

While the ten dollar fee to run the ad for a few days was reasonable, ensuring that the ad followed all guidelines to avoid flagging for offensiveness or inappropriate content was a top priority. However, I was relieved to see that Google Ads provided a comprehensive overview of the campaign results that was easy to understand.The ability to track impressions, views, view-rate, and even demographic data was incredibly helpful, and the experience has been a great learning opportunity. Although there is a learning curve to running Google Video Ads, I’m excited at the possibilities and opportunities that running ads through Google can bring.


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